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The more you know, the more you grow into the most powerful vision for your life.  You will find resources on our website to help you prosper by living intentionally. If there is a subject you would like us to provide information on, let us know.  

Podcast - Designing Your Life Today

Learn the art of intentional living and build a prosperous, healthy, happy life.

Be deliberate and on purpose about achieving results. Get strategies and ideas for using what you have to realize your vision for your life.

Setting a goal is the easy part.  Learn the art of intentional living and manifest a fruitful life    

Designing Your Life Today Podcast featuring

Pat Council

Power Webinars

Knowledge and action brings  power and results.  Choose from our interactive webinars. 

Cultivating Relationships

Get tips for building fruitful relationships and how to see the value in any of them. 

Apply the Laws of Success to your daily life.  Get the amazing results you deserve. 

Start Using Intentional Living to Build Your Dream Life

"Do Life With Power!"

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Wealth Building

Get ideas for creating an income, growing and managing your money, and leaving a legacy  

Host, Life Coach - Pat Council

Health Habits

Get fitness tips, power smoothie recipes and happiness ideas

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Start living intentionally and establish the lifestyle you have always wanted.  Get easy to implement strategies for designing the life you have always wanted and do it using what you already have.