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Intentional Goal Setting

The Power of Intentional Goal Setting

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Our goals are to help you achieve you achieve your goals.

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Taking consistent right action will bring you consistent right results.  Get simple strategies for achieving your goals and keep moving forward with excitement year after year.  Listen to our daily podcast, register to receive “Power Up Today“, and click here to read simple strategies.

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Eat Better, Think Clearer, Achieve More!

Pat’s Favorite Delicious & Healthy Recipes

Enjoy our smoothie recipes and other favorite dishes from Pat’s kitchen.  The smoothies are delicious and made with real fruits and vegetables .  All smoothies are made with Meal Replacement Protein Powder or undenatured Whey Protein.  Click here for information on the proteins used. Pat’s favorite recipes are made with fresh low fat ingredients.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to take care of the only body you have? New recipes will be added often. Visit our Healthy and Happy section for the recipes. Click here.  Also, to receive notices on new recipes, register to receive our free newsletter, the “Power Up Express”.  Click here to register.

Designing Your Life Today

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      Tap into your willpower and start attracting the monumental opportunities you deserve, today!


How to Monetize Your Natural Talents

  • Make a profitable decision by learning to monetize your talents. Your best life is in learning to use the gifts that you have been given (Watch Free)

Prosperity: A Divine Right

  • Remove the obstacles that are preventing you from getting the riches you deserve (Watch Free)

Direct Selling For Financial Security

  • Learn to use simple selling techniques that do not feel like selling to increase your income and build your customer base

The Truth about Success and Wealth

  • Learn an easy to use formula for creating a successful lifestyle and acquiring riches

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Start living intentionally and establish the lifestyle you have always wanted. Listen to some of our other podcasts such as, “Sisters Loving Life” for Women and if you are in a hurry listen to 5-7 minute success segments of  “Power Up with Pat”.  Click here to find out more.   Of course, Don’t miss our featured podcast – “Designing Your Life Today” and get easy to implement strategies for designing the life you have always wanted and do it using what you already have.

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The more you know, the more you grow into the most powerful vision for your life. You will find resources on our website to help you prosper by living intentionally. If there is a subject you would like us to provide information on, let us know.

Podcast Resources

We know you are eager to find the best formula to unlock your success.  We have provided quick links to pages, websites, and other resources mention on our show.  Simply click on the icon above or click now.

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