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I’m Pat Council, a Goal Achievement Strategist and I use a slightly humorous,

light-hearted method to share strategies for bouncing back and powering forward

to achieving your goals and building a successful, quality lifestyle. If you have

been downsized from a job want to thrive more in your business while building

a successful personal life take a moment to discover how we can  help.  

You will become inspired and empowered to win!    

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Build your best life through good health, fruitful relationships and a profitable business

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“Taking right action, brings right results. Remember you are built by design to win!”

Fruitful & Supportive Relationships

Discover how to get and give the right support in relationships.  Get strategies and tips for building fruitful personal and business relationships.  Learn more by listening to “Wonderful Wednesday” on the “Designing Your Life Today” Podcast.

Good Health and Happiness

Stay on track with your fitness goals with tips, plus great food and smoothie recipes.  Click and have fun! Also, check out “Tone it Tuesday” on the “Designing Your Life Today” Podcast.

Get Independence through Business

Take control of your destiny by building your own passive income business. Get inspiraton on “Magnificent Monday” and learn to thrive in your business on “Thriving Thursday” on the “Designing Your Life Today” Podcast.

Wealth and Comfort

Take away the stress out of not having enough by getting strategies and ideas for building wealth and acquiring the lifestyle you desire. Also, listen to “Financial Friday” on the “Designing Your Life Today” Podcast.

Don't Be Shy

If you didn’t hear the answer to your goal achievement issue on our podcast or you did not find it one of our websites.  Either email us by clicking the Get In Touch” button or send us a voicemail.  What are your greatest achievement obstacles?  Ask and get answers.  If we use your question, you will receive one of Pat’s books, FREE! Our goal is to help you reach yours.  NOTE: To receive the free book, you must send your question by voicemail.  Click below for details.
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