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logo for Power Up Nation, Inc for Designing Your Life Today  “Life is too short not to live your dreams.”  That’s why we are all about action and results. The Designing Your Life Today website and podcast provides simple strategies for goal achievement, confidence,  personal happiness, boosting your income and building a quality lifestyle as an entrepreneur.  Enjoy videos, how-to blogs, podcasts featuring goal achievement strategist, Pat Council and courses.  These success tools are designed to inspire achievement, help you build flourishing and supportive relationships, while guiding you to develop the strength to live from a position of power.  Learning to use your gifts and talents to serve others plays a major role in helping you win in life while building the quality lifestyle you desire and deserve.
Get Answers.  Take Control.  Get Results.  Pass it on.  This is how we “do life with power.”  
Create a reality that empowers you by overcoming any fear of success.
Listen to the Designing Your Life Today Podcast for actionable strategies that will help you master the art of serving, winning and living big by implementing and achieving your goals!    
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goal achievement info graphic Now Available!  Are you ready to achieve like the top 8 percent?  Take a look at our Power Forward goal achievement courses. These informative affordable courses will help you power forward to success.  The key to achievement is getting the right information and taking action, fast.  Our courses are easy to follow and the “power action” steps will bring you closer to getting the results you desire.  Don’t wait until October or November to set your goals or to learn how to achieve them.  Get ahead of the game and get started, now.  Choose the best course that will unlock your ability to achieve with confidence or go through them all.  Be among the top 8 percent that achieve with consistency and success.  Get a FREE Step by Step Goal Achievement Infographic just for reading about the first set of courses.  We will constantly add new courses throughout the program.  Get information.
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Start Winning by Pat Council  Readers are more than leaders, they are power achievers, too.  When you register for the “Power Up Today” Newsletter, you will find out about our many FREE book giveaways and you will be entered in the next one automatically. Become a power achiever by reading what power achiever’s read.  Get information now.
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It Takes More Than Visualizing

It Takes More Than Visualizing

We have often been told that visualizing something will bring it into our lives, because of that we spend a lot of time visualizing and affirming our hopes and dreams.  The truth is, by thinking we can bring anything into existence.  The key is to not only visualize a...

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Listen to the fun podcast that holds you accountable to your own success.  We simplify success by sharing strategies to help you improve your quality of life.  Start listening free, now or choose your listening platform below.

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Need help with success information and implementation?  Take a look at our Power Forward Courses and choose your topic.  These online training courses are great if you have limited time and the power action steps will keep you on track.  Get information.

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Take the guest work out of what success items you need to achieve your goals. Reasonably priced courses, business journals and more to get you started on the road to success.  Get what you need to bring balance to your life and achieve big.  COMING SOON!

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If you didn’t hear the answer to your goal achievement issue on our podcast or you did not find it on one of our websites, either email us by clicking the Get In Touch” button or send us a voicemail.  What are your greatest achievement obstacles?  Ask and get answers.  If we use your question, with your permission, you will receive one of Pat’s books, FREE! Our goal is to help you reach yours.  NOTE: To receive the free book, you must send your question by voicemail.  Click below for details.