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Welcome to Designing Your Life Today
logo for Power Up Nation, Inc for Designing Your Life Today  “Life is too short not to live your dream life.”  Our Designing Your Life Today  website and podcast, featuring goal achievement strategist, Pat Council  provides simple achievement strategies that boosts confidence, personal happiness while helping you build your income.  Enjoy how-to blogs, workshops, online courses, videos and podcasts featuring certified life coach and goal achievement strategist, Pat Council.  Why?
 Disappearing jobs are disrupting lives.  Graduating from college seems to only guarantee student debt.   Many have no retirement savings and the list goes on.   

Start living from a position of power!  Discover ways to monetize the skills, gifts, talents and knowledge you already have.  

Regain independence by creating your own income, building good health and establishing flourishing relationships.
Get Answers and ideas.  Live, Learn, Take Action.  Get Results.  Pass it on.  
Who This Website is For

Anyone who wants to bounce back or boldly make a successful transition into something new.  Get strategies for systematically achieving your goals.  If you desire to be more intentional about designing and building your best life, get connected with us.  If you are a:

Salesperson, a new entrepreneur, a seasoned entrepreneur who needs to bounce back (or bounce forward)…a Military Veteran (or about to become one)… Retired and looking to add to your income without sacrificing all of your leisure time or you simply need some inspiration and insight, this site, the tools we offer and our podcasts are for you.

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Are you ready to achieve like the top 8 percent?  Participate in one of our DIY Power Achiever Courses, online live Power Achiever Coaching, upcoming webinars or host a workshops that maybe in your area.  (Workshops that aren’t available in your area may be streamed.)
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