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Only 8 out of every 100 people who set goals, actually achieve them.  Designing your life is an ongoing activity.  The results you get in life are based on day to day, present moment actions.  The key is to discover what works.  We all have goals and dreams we would like to make happen.

Once you discover what works, you must work it with consistency. Focus, follow through, and productive action will get you there, but it all starts with a clear Power Forward Plan and the right energy.  My goal is to provide strategies and tools for achieving all the goals that will bring your magnificent life and for “doing life with power”.

These strategies worked for me and I believe they will work for you.

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The foundation of every plan start with a clear vision.  Click below to request my free Goal Setting and Power Forward Plan Templates.


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Free Success Course

Setting your most authentic, energetic goals, and achieving them starts with you.  My free course, “Bringing Out Your Magnificent Self”, provides the foundation for dealing with self-doubt, so you will achieve  and “do life with power”.  If you are ready to shine, click the button below.


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 Great Webinars for Success

Participate in one of our webinars that are filled with strategies for overcoming obstacles and tools for achieving.  We discuss keys for expanding your mindset, dealing with fear, what it really takes to increase your income while living a quality life, and more.  Achieve big!  Register for an upcoming webinar or watch your favorite on demand.

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Theme for FebruaryLove, Achievement, and Success.  Listen and start living from a position of power by getting strategies and ideas for achieving your personal and business goals. Find out what over 500,000 and counting… listeners are discovering about “doing life with power”™ by designing their magnificent life.

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Goal Achievers Blog

Read our blog that is filled with topics relevant to your success.  Get quick tips on cultivating empowering relationships (necessary for success in business and a quality personal life).  Get ideas for increasing your income, expanding your mindset and more.  Click below to read the latest.


Pat Council-High Impact Power Goal Setting New Book

New in Books

Achievers are readers.  Of course, it all depends on the books you read.  Find out the latest and best books to read for goal achievers, entrepreneurs, and for building a quality life.  Also, check out the latest books on Pat Council’s book shelf.  Need ideas on what read for your success?  Click below.


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