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If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, home-based business owner, small business owner, freelancer, or you want to gain insight into achieving your goals with consistency, while living from a position of power, Designing Your Life Today is for you.  Of course, you don’t have to own a businessYou may need a spark of inspiration, a confidence boost or insight into what makes you so magnificent.  You will find it on my podcast and throughout this website. 

We understand that every goal you set out to achieve is designed to give you a feeling of completeness, as you accomplish your divine purpose.  That is why we have the Designing Your Life Achievers Academy to give you more tools for success.  Life does not get any better than this!  Right?

Okay, bringing out your magnificence, achieving goals like crazy, and doing life with power is sooo… much better.

My goal is to share strategies, techniques and tools to help you achieve your goals with consistency, as you build a quality life by “doing life with power”™.  Did you know that only 8 out of every 100 goal-setters actually follow through and achieve their goals?  It’s time to flip the goal achievement switch from 92% failure and only 8% success to 92% success and only 8% failure….or less!  Can you imagine Power Achievers, everywhere?  I call that a powered up nation (which is also the name of my company:  Power Up Nation, Inc).  Are you with us?

If you’re in, get connected like other power achievers, checkout my podcast, blogs, and resources .  Get started by following the steps below.  But first…read a little about me, then move on to the action steps.

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Pat Council

Goal Achievement Strategist, Author, Coach,  Speaker, Podcast Host, Entrepreneur, Military Veteran, and an Upbeat Happy Person  

Pat Council the Host of  Designing Your Life Today

Growing up my goal was to graduate from high school, go to college and get a job. (I did, achieve those goals.)  Of course, I never dreamed I would end up building a 7 figure real estate company and managing a thriving network marketing team.  (Full disclosure, I only joined the network marketing company to get my products at a discount.)  That was all great, but then the economy tanked and my personal life took a nose dive.  I was faced with a lot of decisions to make.  The short version of the story is I got quiet and realized I now had the opportunity to design my life.  (Listen to my interview to get more details.) I decided to go for my dreams by doing what I love and monetizing it.

I had spent more than 14 years teaching others how to successfully achieve their goals. So, when I designed my life for success, my passion for helping others was at the top of my list.

Personal experiences taught me that you can achieve any worthwhile goal with the right formula, clear achievement strategies and inspiration that activates your wisdom.  This is why I am passionate about sharing information that will guide and inspire others to get the results they have been dreaming about for… well… who knows how long.  I am dedicated to sharing strategies, techniques, tools, and other things to keep you inspire and help you build your magnificent dreamlife.

Coming up below, action steps to get you connect with me and other Power Achievers.

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