About Us



Designing Your Life Today featuring Pat Council is an informative and exciting podcast produce by Power Up Nation, Inc. .  The purpose of the podcast is to provide strategies for achieving goals in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships.  The show features goal achievement strategist, Pat Council and other expert guests.  The podcast and the websites is geared toward aspiring entrepreneurs, home based business owners, small business owners and those who want to gain insight on achieving goals with consistency.

Our goals are to:

  •  Share information that will inspired and enlighten others to monetize their talents and gifts
  • Provide valuable content that our podcast listeners and website visitors can use to build their dream lifestyle
  • Inspire others to use their gifts and talents to benefit others and themselves
  • Provide information and easy to follow strategies that will help more than 1 million achieve their goals, “do life with power”, and to pass it on!

We provide both free and fee based course that are designed to help almost anyone focus on creating a consistent revenue stream while building a fruitful life using spiritually based principles.