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Are You Ready to Achieve with Consistency?

4 easy to follow categories which includes monthly, videos, audios and other interactive, take action programs that bring to inspire the results you need to live your dream lifestyle:

  1. Improve your goal achievement rate in 90 days or less!
  2. Mindset Strengthening Programs – Better focus and more confidence
  3. Weekly Success Strategies
  4. Wealth Building Series (videos and audios)

5 Questions to Ask Yourself

1.  What do you want your life to look like?

2.  What paths should you take to achieve?

3.  How do you stay focused until you achieve your goals?

4.  What tools do you need to achieve your goals?

5.  When are you going to take action? 


Here is some of the amazing information you will receive!

  • Create a clear simplified goal structure.  Achieve all year long.
  • Discover 5 reasons people don’t achieve their goals and how to remedy them
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Increase your income consistently
  • Create Your Personalized Action Trigger (Eliminate Procrastination)
  • Energy Boosting Remedies
  • Eliminate unnecessary stress during goal achievement
  • Find out the best ways to conquer fear
  • Get exclusive access to a private VIP “Power Achievement Club” Facebook Group & monthly coaching – get the support needed to deal with goal achievement challenges. Also, get a cheering section. (Great confidence booster!)

There’s more….

  • Design a Goal Achievement Environment that brings results
  • Find out how to use a vision board to get results faster. 
  • Learn to intentionally attract your success by activating the right energy
  • Power Forward Newsletter (Free to all members)
  • Opportunity to receive free success books
  • Weekly audios
  • Goal tracking & scoring system
  • Create a quarterly milestone system
  • Get the keys to unstoppable confidence
  • Snap back on track
  • Create an accelerated vision for consistent success

Plus Bonuses:  
Access to VIP Facebook Group

Adult Creative Stimulating Coloring Books with Free coloring markers

Opportunity to be on our “Powered Up” Wall of Fame

Plans and Pricing

Pick your level below, get on track and start achieving.

  Register Now! Next Course Starts May 30, 2017 Power Achievement Club limited to 50 registrants

Do-It-Yourself courses can be order now, but will be available May 30, 2017.  We want to be available to answer questions & focus on helping you get results. 

Payment plans are available for both do-it-yourself courses. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pat Council as my marketing and business development advisor since the summer of 2011.  She has been instrumental in guiding me as I develop and grow my business.  She provides guidance with developing plans and goals.  Her knowledge is vast and her expertise in building client relationships, team building, marketing/branding and strategizing is impeccable.”

Donna James


“Pat trained my sales agents and my staff with excellence.  Using her plan for success, she increased revenues, raised the level of efficiency and improved the overall quality of the office.  She gave everyone an excellent roadmap to help them achieve success.  Her presentation skills are clear, concise and easy to follow.”

George Barnes

Broker-Owner, George Barnes Realtor

I have personally learned many, many great tips and tricks for my business and personal life. Her books are not only on my bookshelf, but close at hand so that I can reference them at any time. I HIGHLY recommend Pat Council!

Jeanne Fredrick

President, Women Business Owners of North Florida

Awesome Books!  Pat is a proven speaker and author.  Her books are a must read if you want to grow or make some positive changes in life.  Also, check out her podcast.

Gabriel Timmons, Sr.

Owner, T.D. Financial Group

“Since our initial meeting in the fall of last year, Pat has proven an invaluable mentor to my young business.  She has helped me find clarity in my vision, provided numerous resources to properly plan for growth, and lent an experienced ear to the wonderful journey of a new entrepreneur.”

Keina Bryant

Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist

Luke Chapman

What You Will Receive




Goal Achievement Kit

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Achieve Daily

Stay on track and feel good about achieving daily by receiving “power forward” declarations only for club members.  


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Get Live Support

Participate in live conference calls, get your questions answered and focus exercises to use for letting go of the past and building success

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive anything in the mail?

Yes, but it depends on which plan you purchase.  Upper level programs come with an autograph copy of Pat’s book, a Start Winning Journal and more as outlined in our program. Everything else is digital.  The plus is you will not have to wait to get started, because you will be able to download your programs immediately.

What is your refund policy?

Because we believe you will get results if you do the work. We offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee on the purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your money and release you from the program. Customers will receive a full refund minus the cost of books plus shipping & handling. 

Are my credit/debit card details secure?

Yes, your information is protected.  Our site is very secured.  Our SSL Certificate is up to date.  See our security tag above.  

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up.

Can I get access to the course all at once?

Once the course begins, if you are in the “Do-It-Yourself” program, you will receive your course in 2 parts.  The first part will be issued immediately.  The 2nd part will be released 3-4 weeks later.  The other programs will be released weekly, some assignments will require more time.  There will be a lot of interaction and course participation.  We do not want to overwhelm you.  We want you to get the best results possible. 

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.