Business on a Budget

When first starting out practice running your business on a budget.  This is a great example to follow if you are just starting a home-based business or if you need an idea as to how to start your own personalized business budget.  We will continue to add budgets that will give you an idea what to focus on when starting your business or when planning your budget each month.


Legal Shield                                      –    35.99

Goal Planner                                    –     21.99

Website (WordPress)                       –      19.00 (Includes Hosting)

SSL Certificate                                  –      74.99

Aweber                                              –      19.00 (Email Marketing)

Online Business Coaching                –       44.99

Social Media Advertising                   –      100.00

Office Supplies                                   –         40.00

Miscellaneous                                    –      100.00

Total                                                ______________________


Consider rounding up to $500.00 to have extra.


(This budget does not include the cost of a computer, office desk, etc.  This is for a business that is up and running with these items in place.  Business Budget for Brand New Start Ups coming soon.)

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