Healthy and Happy

The healthier you are, the happier you are and the easier it becomes to achieve your goals and win

Flat Tummy- lime-strawberry-aGet Excited about Your Health and Your Life

(Be sure to consult your physician before making changes in your diet or fitness regiment.)

A major key to achieving success and winning is taking the time to build good health and putting your attention on happiness.  Part of consistent focus and confidence is achieved by insuring that you are healthy.  Eating right and exercising can take goal achievement to high success level.  Get suggestions that are easy t implement and take “doing life with power” to another level!    Visit this page often for fitness ideas, delicious recipes made using superfoods, refreshing smoothies and so much more.  Give your life the winning boost it needs by being healthy and happy.

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Power Smoothies

Enjoy these delicious power smoothies. Simply click on the titles to get the recipe.  The recommended type of protein powder is undenatured.  Also, consider using dairy-free. Click here for protein power information.  

Flat Tummy Water (Lime & Strawberry)

Flat Tummy- lime-strawberry-a

Click above to get the recipe for this refreshing water.

Berry Power Burst


A great pick me up at almost any time.  In the morning, in the afternoon or after a workout.

Strawberry Boost


Need a boost.  Get an energy from this flavorful smoothie.

Best Breakfast Smoothie Ever


The name says it all.  One of Pat’s delicious smoothie creations.

Pat’s Fully Loaded Smoothie

pat's fully loaded smoothie, high energy smoothie, protein smoothie

This smoothie is nutrition and energy packed and it is my own creation. It is refreshing, rejuvenating, and delicious.

Kale and Pear Green Smoothie

One of the best green smoothies, I have ever tasted.

Chunk Monkey

A great post workout chocolate milk can help the body recover after exercise because of its carb-to-protein ratio (four to one)

Learning to Be Happy

Learning to Be Happy Part of living your best life is being able to achieve goals that you set. Happiness can contribute greatly to you getting the life that you want. People who are unhappy are basically sending a message to the universe that what they want is not a...

Power Snacks

Here are a few of Pat’s pick me ups.  These high protein snacks are easy to make, fillable and enjoyable.

Boiled Eggs

High energy protein snacks

Super easy to make.  Pop in water and boil.


high power snacks, nuts

Nuts such as almonds, cashews or walnuts are greatsnack, but beware, they are high in fat.

Greek Yogurt

A great stand alone snack or add fruit or nuts.

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Hip Hops Abs - Get flat, sexy abs


Power Recipes

Enjoy these delicious recipes made from superfoods.  Many of these recipes come straight from Pat’s kitchen.  Some are recipes that she has modified to include superfood ingredients, instead of unhealthy fatty foods. (As always, consult your doctor or physician before trying anything new.  Pat Council is not a doctor.  These are simply some of her favorite dishes.)

Vege Wraps with Hummus

Full of vegetables and it tastes delicious.  I usually use low carb wraps. Click here for the recipe.

Salmon Tacos

This twist to preparing tacos is more delicious than you can imagine.  Easy and quick to make. Click here for the recipe.

Curry Light and Chicken Stew

This high energy meal filled with vegetables a some meat is flavorful and filling.  Another easy to make meal.  Click here for recipe.