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We all have power cords that are also referred to as “power cores”.  We refer to them as power cords to create a visual in the mind. Imagine that each one of your major energies:  spiritual, mental, emotional and physical has a cord attached to them.  If a cord is broken or weak because of no activity, then personal energy will be off balance. This makes it more difficult for you to achieve your goals. Excessive stress, lack of focus, lack of purpose, not being physically fit, not taking the time to educate yourself on ways to build a quality life can all affect your power cords.

There are specific ways to make sure that your power cores stay in shape.  Visit this section periodically for ideas and suggestions for strengthening your power cores.  In the meantime, these will get you started:



spiritual power cord, Pat Council, Designing Your Life Today    Taking the time to connect with your spiritual side will improve your wisdom and give you insight into life.  It will help you to feel peace in times of life’s turbulence.  Reading a spiritual reading will help you get in touch with your spirit.  I prefer to read the Holy Bible.  It is a part of my daily routine.  Meditation and practicing mindfulness are some other ways.  We have a “Soul & Spirituality Course” coming, soon.  Join our newsletter, “Power Up Today” to receive information when it launches.   



Mental strength, power core, designing your life today, Pat Council Start reading.  What’s on your reading list!  Better yet what’s on your bookshelf?  I practically have a library.  Check out my You Tube Video and you’ll see the books.  If you don’t have the time to read a whole book, download some of your favorite business, health and human interest magazines.  You can find them at a discount, especially if you download them to your I-pad or android device.


emotional power core, Pat Council, designing your life today If you want to strengthen your emotional cord and make it super strong, take the time to laugh when things are funny, cry when you feel sad and smile when you think things are funny.  Holding back your positive emotions will lower your vibrations and energy level.  This makes achievement more difficult, so feel.  It is worth noting that expressing anger is okay, provided it is done in a safe, none excessive manner.


physical power cord, Pat Council, designing your life today Exercise.  No matter how busy you think you are there is always time for exercise.  We always find time to do what’s important to us.  So, let’s be honest.  Time is not the issue.  Maybe discipline or a lack of desire is the obstacle.  Maybe you are not sure what exercises to do.  Of course, giving the benefit of the doubt, you may not have time to stop by the fitness center.  The good news is thanks to the internet, you can workout at home. Click for the 14-Day Free Beach Body Trial.  You will not run out of options.

Building Spiritual Strength 

Listen to Power Forward Sunday

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On Designing Your Life Today we believe it is important to strengthen your entire being.  Get insights to strengthen your inner-self by listening to our Sunday podcast.  Click Here 

Spend Time Meditating

Meditation, A Spiritual Cord on Designing Your Life Today

It worth it to spend quiet time each day.  Make a connection to your Spirit within.  It will do wonders for you.  If you are not sure how or if you are doing it correctly, read “Success Through Stillness:  Meditation Made Simple” by Russell Simmons.  Meditation will do wonders for you.

Take the Time to Pray

Spiritual Cod, Prayer, Designing Your Life Today

Prayer strengthens your Spirit by strengthening your faith.  Taking the time to pray each day allows you to connect with God. You will find peace, be encouraged when life’s challenges come and get answers that will help you make wise decisions.  Consider praying everyday for one month to experience the difference for yourself.

Building Mental Strength

Make Time to Read

Mental strength, power core, designing your life today, Pat Council

Making reading for a few minutes a part of your daily routine will work wonders for your ability to create, solve challenges and focus.  See our Power Achiever’s Reading List for ideas on books to read to boost your success.  Reading will help you become the goal achiever you have always wanted to become.

Develop a Positive Mindset

Positive attitude strengthens your mind, Designing Your Life Today

In order to develop a wealth mentality, you must also have a positive outlook on life.  Listening to Magnificent Monday on the “Designing Your Life Today Podcast” will help put you in the right mood for success.


Simply Breathe

Breathing to build a positive mindset, Designing Your Life Today

Scientific studies show that taking at least 5 minutes to practice deep breathing can calm your stress or give you an energy boost.

Building Emotional Strength 

Learn about Emotional Intelligence

Learn emotional intelligence for stronger emotions, Designing Your Life Today

Emotional intelligence plays a huge role in your success.  It is difficult to achieve if you are not in control of your emotions.  Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry is a great book to read to learn more about being in control.  If you feel you need professional help from a therapist, do not hesitate to do what’s best for you.

Reconcile with the Past

Reconcile with the Past, Designing Your Life Today

Nothing will weaken your emotions faster than holding on to the past.  Give some attention to what is bothering you about your past and find a way to reconcile with it.  Make a list of the issue on one side of the paper and on the other side write positive things you can do to finally let go of your issues.


Make Healthy Connections with Others

Celebrating You Designing Your Life Today Blog

We are built to love, laugh and live life to the fullest.  It is hard to do without establishing healthy relationship connections.  Your ability to connect with others will determine your ability to earn an income as an entrepreneur.  Your more intimate relationships with family and friends will determine how successful you truly become.  Find out more about mastering relationships by registering for our upcoming course, Relationship Mastery Course. Click for information.

Building Physical Strength 



physical power cord, Pat Council, designing your life today

There is a lot to be said for physical exercise and it has been said on our Tone It Up Tuesday shows on Designing Your Life Today.  Click here to go directly to Tone It Up Tuesday to listen.  Keep in mind that exercise increases your discipline, focus, stimulates your mind and helps your body function more efficiently, so there’s more to it than just having a sexy body.  Of course, that’s nice, too!

Have the Right Equipment Available for Exercising

Take away any excuse not to exercise.  If you are not a gym person, have some of the basic equipment at home that you can use.  Here are some suggestions of basic workout equipment. Click on them for more details.  Home-Complete 4 Resistance Exercise Loop Bands, Synergee Gliding Discs Core Sliders, Weider Contoured Push-Up Stands, Combo Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight Sets.

*None are expensive.  Check with your doctor before trying new physical activities.

Eat High Energy Foods

high energy snacks, almonds nuts, Pat Council, designing your life today

Of course, most of us know that food is fuel for the body.  Eating healthy will give you the energy boost needed and help your body function more efficiently.  Do your homework or consult a licensed nutritionist to find out the best food to eat for your body type.  If you like to snack, check out some of our recipes. They are low in sugar, but delicious.

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