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Are you ready to achieve your goals with confidence and consistency?  Pat’s online achievers program is definitely for you.

Take the guess work out of accomplishing the goals you set for life and business.

Are You Ready to Achieve?

Join the Power Achievers Online Coaching and boost your ability to achieve your serious goal.  Pat’s online coaching program makes an impact on her participants.  She provides answers to questions you may not think to ask.  Get on track and stay on track until you achieve results.

Grow your career and enhance other aspects of your life.

“Pat is the real deal.  Through her coaching I was able to take my business to profit level in my first year as a business owner. Her books are awesome!  I listen to her podcast and learn something everytime.  She cares about people.  When it comes to coaching she is truly authentic.”
Gabriel Timmons Sr.

Owner, T.D. Financial Group

Being successful and building a quality life is who we are

Grow Your Career and Enhance Life

Discover ways to grow your business or grow into a leadership position, while enhancing other aspects of your life.  This online coaching is filled with useful information

Make Life Transitions Smoother

If making a transition is chaotic for you or you feel stuck, Power Achievers Online Coaching will benefit you, a great deal.  Create a plan that works for your personality.  Turn your motivation on and win!

Connect with Achievers

Be inspired to stay on track when you connect to a community of achievers.  Maintain high momentum by hearing the success stories of others and sharing your own.  Also, get and share ideas.  Tap into the main keys to making lasting changes.

We Believe You Will Get Results

You may not achieve your long term goal in 30 days, but you should see some progress or measureable results from using our program.  Of course, results will only come if you do the work.  Because we believe you will stay with the Power Achievers Online Coaching, this program does not require a long term commitment.  Simply pay month to month and keep get the amazing, actionable information you need to achieve.   Remember our goal is to help you reach yours.

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Just a few features

Power Achievers Online Coaching


New Goal Achievement Lessons

Get a new lesson each week.  The lessons lead to an accelerated growth in business and your personal life.


Private Direct Email

Get a special email address for Power Achievers only.  Send your questions to Pat and get answers to help you power through challenges.

Audio Lessons

Audio lessons you can listen to on the go.

Get Stress Relief

Not achieving your dreams can be stressful and frustrating.  Our online coaching program makes things clearer for you.  Get answers, save time and take the pressure off.

Live Monthly Calls

Get questions answered live.  Tune in to a special conference call each month.

Video Lessons

Get video lessons that fully illustrate the lesson being taught.

Mindset Modules

Get 10 Mindset Modules to listen to and open your mind to achieving faster.  Become aware of opportunities and discover ways to become more resourcesful.

Downloadable Worksheets

Create your own customized power achiever workbook with our downloadable worksheets.

More Testimonials

What People Are Saying

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pat Council as my marketing, business and personal development coach, since the summer of 2011.  She has been instrumental in guiding me as I develop and grow my business.  She provides guidance with developing plans and goals.  Her knowledge is vast and her expertise in building client relationships, team building, marketing/branding and strategizing is impeccable.  She has also helped me gain more focus in my personal life.”

Donna James

Network Marketer,

“I have personally learned many, many great tips andstrategies for my business and personal life. Her books are not only on my bookshelf, but close at hand so that I can reference them at any time. I HIGHLY recommend Pat Council’s coaching!”

J. Fredrick

WBO Past President & Biz Owner , J. Fredrick Group

“You are truly amazing! I was absolutely floored by the information you provided to my group. They were truly excited and wanted to know when we were going to schedule the next session. Several members of the group used your techniques the same day and got results!”

Kay Poole

President, VTECH

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