Power Affirmations

Below are all four steps to controlling negative self-talk, along with a list of power words:

  1.  Identify the negative self-talk that really holds you back.  Write all the negative that you hear in your mind that has been holding you back.
  2. Rewrite your negative statements and change them into positive ones. 
  3. Schedule time to read your affirmations each day.  The best way to do this is to post them where you can remember to read them.
  4.  Do your best to read them 3 times a day.  Also, think about them whenever it comes to mind.  

Power Words – A list of words to help you create powerful affirmations.  This list will get you started.  You may even want to create some of your own:

Amazing                  Awesome          Bold             Beautiful

Courageous            Confident           Dynamic       Energetic

Focus                       Fun                   Gracious        Happy

Inspired                    Limitless            Lively             Positive

Powerful                   Prosperous        Smart            Trusting

Trustworthy              Worthy




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