Shifting to Success Through Love Challenge

Get a new challenge each day for 7 days.  Make the shift to success and consistent achievement by understanding the role love plays in your life

Ready to get started?

Get started on the first challenge below:

Challenge 1 - Supporting Yourself

Listen to the podcast “Feeling New and Excited” on Designing Your Life Today for the first part of the challenge.

The 2nd Part:  Take a look at how you feel about your ability to achieve.  Then examine how you can support yourself more.  

Challenge 3 - Knowing Yourself

Describe what your thoughts were when you woke up this morning.  I did you feel?  Were you happy or unhappy?  Did you feel full of fear or love? Be aware of any feelings that were counterproductive to your success.

Challenge 5 - Self-Care

First listen to the podcast episode “Boosting Your Success through Self-Care“.  Then complete this challenge.  Write 5 things you are committed to doing that will aid you in caring for yourself.  (Extra: Taking a nice soothing bath can be therapeutic, so it counts.)

Bonus Challenge - Helping Someone

Listen to the podcast “Not Thriving, Help Someone“.  Then complete this challenge.  Make a list of people who may need help going to the next level or with jumpstarting their dream.  Find a way to help them, even if it’s doing one thing.   

Challenge 2 - Loving Yourself

Listen to the podcast “Love Makes You Want to Win” on Designing Your Life Today for the first part of the challenge.

The 2nd Part:  Write some of these thoughts down, so you can be acutely aware of them.  Next to each attack thought write a positive, loving thought to take its place.  Notice how you feel after each loving thought.

Share the Love

Invite others to make the shift by participating in this “Shifting to Success through Self-Love”.  Tweet:  Join the 7 Day Shifting to Success through Self-Love.  #Loveisthecureall   

Challenge 4 - Examining Love

Examine your thoughts about love, not just Eros (romantic love), but agape love and the love you have for yourself.

Challenge 6 - How Much Are You Worth?

How big do you dream?  What dreams do you have that you keep denying?  Journal about the one dream you would like to see happen this year.  Write down 2 things you can do to help make it happen and set a date to act on it.

Challenge 7 - Opening Your Heart

Stop the Shoulds – How many times do you chastise yourself over what you “should” have done or be doing?  Constantly “shoulding” on yourself can lead to feeling guilty.  This could lead to interacting unkindly with others.  Practice giving yourself a break and speaking kindly to others for the next two weeks.  Your confidence will go up by leaps and bounds. Listen to the podcast, “Flow into Results“.

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