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Discover wealth principles, tips for profiting in your home-based, direct sales or small business.  We will also recommend other helpful websites. Be sure to read our wealth and business blogs.

Breakthrough to the Success Zone
Breakthrough to the Success Zone, author Pat CouncilThe key to getting into the success zone is to discover how to control your personal and business success with clarity.  Evolved into the success you desire to become with this easy to follow manual that is filled with wealth principles, “Breakthrough to the Success Zone”.  Find out more, today.   

Goal Achievement Mastery Course for Entrepreneurs

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Small Business Marketing Tips

Most small businesses have a small marketing budget.  Here are some tips to help you market your business on a shoestring budget. These tips work for direct sales and other home-based businesses.

  1.  Connect through Social Media – participate in the big social media sites.  Post things that are interesting and to keep people coming back.

2. Create Infographics – If your business allows, create an infographic to share information with your customers.  This also makes for great branding.

3. Email Marketing – A newsletter or periodically reaching out to your customers through email is a great way to brand your business into the mind of your customers.

Foundation Principles for Riches

To get riches on the outside, lay the wealth foundation on the inside, first.  Here are some Principles to get you started.  More will be added over time.

  1. Self-Control or Discipline – By developing your self-control, you will develop other qualities that will enhance your power to build the lifestyle you desire.  Self-control will start the “Law of Retaliation”.  What that means is you will receive like for like.  Most people use retaliation in connection with revenge, but it really means like for like.  Meaning if you do what it takes to receive the best, you will get the best.

2. Enthusiasm – Enthusiasm means “God within”.  When you can mix enthusiasm with your purpose, you will do more work in less time.  Enthusiasm is the vital force with which you recharge your body and develop your dynamic personality.

3.  Vibrations – Everything in the Universe is constantly in motion.  This principle help us to understand how we manifest certain things into our life.  An attitude of gratitude or the fruit of love will bring us the best possible outcome in any situation, because the vibrations are high and it can only attract the highest and best.  This does not mean we will not face challenges or have unfortunate things happen, but it does mean we will get the best possible outcome if the vibrations are increased by putting out the right energy.

4.  Integrity – Honesty is all about going beyond only what works for you.  It is about doing what is right.  That means believing in the integrity of your ability to offer the best services or products.  It also means, selling what will benefit your target market.  The energy that surrounds integrity is strong and keeping this principle will attract the best into your business and life.

 Find out how to change the inside while using Universal Principles with this step by step, easy to follow workbook. Get a preview, click here. 

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